Mental health in the workplace 1

Mental health in the workplace

Mental+Health+Stats_Blackdog Mental illness can affect anyone. The good news is, with support most people can and do recover. It is estimated that, 1 in 6 working age people will be suffering from mental illness. A further one-sixth of the population will be suffering from symptoms associated with mental ill health, such as worry, sleep problems and fatigue, which, while not meeting criteria for a diagnosed mental illness, will be affecting their ability to function at work. It therefore makes sense that having your employees in good mental health is important for a productive and safe work environment.

Research has shown that work plays a pivotal role in a person’s recovery from mental health difficulties. It provides a sense of purpose, acceptance within society and gives opportunities for development.

The majority of mental illness seen in the workplace is treatable, and in some cases, preventable.

Employers can play an active and significant role in maintaining the health and well-being of their employees. The way jobs are designed, how businesses are structured and operate, plus the support given in teams, are all important factors in having a mentally healthy workplace. Touching base through regular, informal chats is another way. This helps build a sense of belonging and connectedness which has been shown to promote well-being. It also means that you are more likely to notice when things are different or when behaviour changes.

If you’re a business owner or team leader, check out this video from the Black Dog Institute. It gives tips on how you can keep your team and workplace healthy.

Source: Black Dog Institute

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