How to high-five at work 1

How to high-five at work

I’m a high-five addict. I admit it. I occasionally even intercept my colleagues’ just because I’m excited. There’s a science to it. The way your hands connect, the prickly sensation in the palm of your hands, and the usual smile that follows. An intimate moment shared between two or more people who are in agreement and happy.

I specifically love high-fiving at work. It’s an easy way to connect, to say well done, to celebrate highs and to just have a laugh. Here’s four good reasons why giving a high-five can boost your happiness at work:

  1. Relationships with colleagues. Research shows that having a friend at work increases engagement, productivity and decreases accidents. In short, you like coming to work and you look out for each other. And what better way to bond than over an innocent high-five, hey?!
  2. Recognition – Every now and then everyone needs to get an acknowledgement for a job well done. Results and efforts should be celebrated, no matter how small, and no matter if you’re a peer, subordinate or the boss. High-fives are a nice and simple way to give positive feedback.
  3. Rest time – Take a quick break to breathe, laugh and look at things from a different angle. Get up and high five, it’s great for the mood, a mini exercise and decreases work related stress.
  4. Giving– Not only do others benefit from random acts of kindness, but it makes you happier too. Have you ever done anything nice for someone without expecting something in return? Then you know the feeling- it’s good. Giving works just as well in the workplace (as it does outside of it), and it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. High-fives are perfect like that, simple.

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