Why meaning and happiness at work is my passion 1

Why meaning and happiness at work is my passion

Since I was a kid growing up in Scotland I’ve always been fascinated with people, and why they love – or don’t love- what they do for a living. Through hard-won experience, my own career path has taught me that it’s better to be honest about our work lives than to stick with doing something we don’t enjoy.

It has the power to cause our greatest stresses and inhibit our dreams. On the flip-side, the benefits of being happy at work are profound, it literally enhances your life in every possible way. Not only does it make you feel good and stress less, it improves relationships, keeps you healthier, more creative, not to mention you can live longer.

From a degree in Engineering, world travel, to building my own Consultancy and Recruitment firm in Australia, through every stage, I reshaped my career, step-by-step, as I learned more about myself and what made me happy.

I’ve make a conscious decision to do what matters to me most: at Rise Consulting, help businesses create the environments to enable people to find meaning in their work, and at Rise Inspire, explore how ordinary people have found happiness and meaning in their work through real-life career changes, and give others the confidence to do the same.

It’s not about the type of work, or even the breadth of the achievement. I want to uncover what brings people happiness at work, and why. What makes work, work for some people- and what happens to us when it doesn’t.

Through speaking at seminars, holding workshops and Consulting in workplaces across Australia, combined with the knowledge I’ve gained through my academic studies, I’ve learnt that if happiness is at the centre of what we do, success and real-life benefits will revolve around it.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m excited to go on this journey and explore how we can break away from work that’s unfulfilling to finding the work we love.

Author: Ross Reekie

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