Finding Meaning in Disruption

Research series

Not often in history does a single event have such an immediate and significant global impact COVID-19 has affected every part of our lives and what it means to be human, including our jobs. Amid the tragic loss of lives and the unexpected loss of freedoms is a catalyst for change. For all of us there is an opportunity for reflection and a reassessment of what work means to us and its role in our lives. 

Why are we researching this? Our aim is to discover how this disruption is changing our relationship with work and with the insights gathered, start a conversation about how we can emerge from this crisis and shape a future of work that is brighter, more meaningful, and works better for everyone. 

How are we doing this? We’ve interviewed and captured the experiences of over 70 people across the world with every type of job from Hairdressers to Golf Caddies, and CEO’s to Waiters. Each interview asks six questions designed to get to the core of how our work lives are changing and how we feel about it. All interviews are posted here (except those that wished to remain anonymous) and you can view a summary of our findings by clicking the boxes above or below this text. A series of webinars, research papers, and workshops will follow. 

What’s in it for you? We’ve all been affected by COVID-19 and we are all going through a process of making sense and finding new meaning in work as we emerge from this crisis. Be inspired or seek comfort in the stories of others, learn from the rich insights of different perspectives. Discover how to start the process of reassessing and resetting your relationship with work. 

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You can also view edited versions of the interviews we conducted by clicking on the videos below.