How Can We Help Your Leaders?

The skills of your leaders have the greatest impact on the happiness of your employees. Their ability to relate to teams, motivate them, and have challenging, constructive conversations are the strongest predictor of engagement and business performance. We offer four products that can help support your leaders to develop their skills so they can provide their teams with work that is meaningful.

Leading with Meaning

Our Leading with Meaning program equips leaders and managers to lead their staff so they can experience work as meaningful. Using our proprietary Bubbles of Meaning framework, you will be connected to the reasons why you work and what brings you meaning. It will give you the confidence to lead people whilst aligning with the modern expectations of work, allowing you and your team to feel much more engaged and invigorated.

Coaching for Meaning

Meaning at work isn’t permanent, it’s always evolving. Achieving work as meaningful is not ticking boxes, it’s like a relationship, it’s a process. One of the best ways to affect employee experience is to equip leaders and managers with the skills to have productive conversations. Our Coaching for Meaning program teaches you how to ask the right questions and guide conversations with your team that shapes positive relationships with work.

Measuring meaning, 360 survey

Are you experiencing low engagement, high staff turnover or significant changes within your business? Or perhaps you have a high potential group that you’d like to stretch? Whatever you’re going through, our Leading with Meaning 360 survey tool can help you evaluate the impact your leaders are having on your staff and their performance.

We often get asked, ‘how do we know if our staff are happy?’ It might seem obvious but the best way is to ask them. Our 360 survey tool measures performance against our leadership capability framework. It allows you to get an understanding of how your leaders are creating the right conditions for meaningful work through our seven dimensions of meaning from our proprietary Bubbles of Meaning framework. You’ll learn how to leverage their strengths, mitigate vulnerabilities and discover the collective fortes and opportunities of your full leadership group which will have greater impact on your teams, culture and business outcomes.

Board advisory

Your role as a Board Director can often feel disconnected from the front-line, but the stories you tell and the questions you ask have an enormous impact in shaping what it means to work in your organisation. You drive what is right and wrong, what’s success and failure, and what really matters. In short, your influence on how people experience work is huge.

We advise you on how your Executive and Leadership teams can create the right culture and operate in a way which ensures continual positive returns.

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