How Can We Inspire You?

Through innovative, engaging talks we share our proprietary Bubbles of Meaning framework and give you key tips on how you can make your work environment a place where people find their own meaning, giving them greater fulfillment and happiness at work, and in life.

Our talks can be delivered to any audience, from business owners to leaders and teams. You can choose from:

  • One hour keynote – Inspiration on the topic of meaning and happiness
  • Half-day or full-day workshops – simple and impactful solutions to integrate into your daily work life.

Key outcomes you’ll learn:

  • What the benefits of meaning and happiness at work are and how to find it
  • The seven ingredients to building a balanced and positive workplace
  • The importance of helping employees connect with their work to boost happiness and how it contributes to business success
  • Practical advice on how leading with meaning can nurture an open and honest culture
  • Ideas on how leaders can effectively establish meaning in the workplace and identify any underlying issues
  • Provide a fool-proof guide on how leaders can destroy meaning and create unhappiness in the workplace (and how to avoid the traps).

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