What we do

We offer a range of consulting, speaking, and talent acquisition services that have happiness and meaning at the core. 

The purpose of our products and services is to enable you to have the right types of conversations with your people to help them enjoy meaningful work and lead with meaning. From projects which embed positive culture to leadership development and coaching, we partner with you to make work awesome for everyone.



Through innovative, engaging talks we give you key tips and strategies on how you can make your work environment a place where people find their own meaning, giving them greater fulfillment and happiness at work, and in life.

Side view of wooden rocking horse on wooden floor with running (or jumping) horse sketched (chalk drawing) on the wall.

Leadership Development

he skills of your leaders have the greatest impact on the happiness of your employees. Their ability to relate to teams, motivate them, and have challenging, constructive conversations are the strongest predictor of engagement and business performance.



Workplace culture can be described as ‘the way we do things around here.’ It’s the spoken and unspoken rules of how a business operates. It's dependent on people, but it’s also created through a clear strategy that can be managed and shaped.


Talent Acquisition

Each hiring decision is an opportunity to reinforce your organisational strategy and culture. Creating a work environment which has meaning and happiness at its core, should be key.