How Can We Reinvigorate Your Culture?

Workplace culture is often described as ‘the way we do things around here.’ It’s the spoken and unspoken rules of how your business operates. It’s created by all of your  people, but it can also be strongly influenced and managed through a clear strategy. 

Culture determines the type of people you attract, how engaged they are and how well they work with others. We can help you develop and embed a culture that reimagines what it means to work in your organization.

Culture survey

Our culture survey measures how people experience the culture of your company – from the systems, processes and policies that reinforce the culture, to the stories people tell to explain their experience at work. By collecting the views of your people on all aspects of culture, you’ll receive a thorough analysis about the strengths, weaknesses and improvements that can be actioned within your business to foster a workplace culture which is bedded by meaning.

Habits of Meaning

Our Habits of Meaning product will provide you with a tool-kit of ideas that can instill the right workplace habits and experiences for your leaders to create the best conditions for people to experience meaningful work. From happiness chats to mobile phone policies, we will look at what’s working for you (and what’s not) and guide you and your team to integrate the most suitable solutions into your business.

Conversations of Meaning

Way before Insta-stories and the Internet we shared news ad interpretation of the events that affected us through stories around the campfire. Fables were passed down through generations, and more recently written into literature, plays and movies. Storytelling is one of your most powerful tools draw out what is important to everyone in the workplace and connect the collective mind around it.

Our organizational storytelling service helps you craft the narrative of your story, giving meaning to why you are here, what you’re striving for and and how it directly affects your culture.

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