Positive leadership is not about sugarcoating 1

Positive leadership is not about sugarcoating

One challenge we, at Rise Consulting often have to overcome is the common misconception of what positive leadership, happiness at work and positive culture means. It doesn’t mean constantly smiling employees, rainbows and the naïve notion of only feeling good. Leadership is about embracing the paradox of cultivating a culture of collaboration as well as competition, it is about challenge and motivation.

Professor Bob Quinn from the University of Michigan put it this way: “Positive leaders place one hand on your back to push you along faster and further than you ever thought possible. They place their other hand under your arm, to catch you if you are going to fall too hard along the way.”

The Ross Business School at the University of Michigan has been on the forefront of researching the impact of positive leadership on business success and gives the simplest explanation of the term in this article, here.

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