Rise Consulting relaunch party 1

Rise Consulting relaunch party

Although we’ve been around for ten years, on Wednesday 29 November, we threw a party to celebrate the official relaunch of Rise Consulting. We shared a great night with our friends, clients and industry to show them how work could be awesome.

It was an important milestone for the Rise team. Over the last year we’ve been busy reshaping our products and services, all centred around supporting businesses to achieve happier workforces.

We shared the importance of creating better work environments that foster happiness and meaning, and by focusing on these two factors, businesses benefit greatly; increased loyalty, productivity and profitability (to name a few). We also revealed the responsibility of leaders and the ways they can mess it up. Research by the Professor of Management at Bond University, Cynthia Fisher also validates the importance leadership has on creating happiness and meaningful work, “I’m becoming more and more convinced that appreciation from management is very important to a sense of well-being at work.”  She also adds, ‘other causes of happiness at work include feeling engaged and challenged, having a connection with colleagues, feeling the job is a good fit and that there is meaning in the work.’ To learn more about Cynthia’s studies, read the article, ‘happiness at work.’  

Notwithstanding the business benefits of creating meaningful, happier workforce’s and our top tips to leaders, the night was enjoyed with lots of food, wine and laughs, which is a good start to workplace happiness in my point of view!!

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