Episode 2 - Nicola, Adventure Swim Guide 1

Episode 2 – Nicola, Adventure Swim Guide

Meet Nicola, who left a prestigious career as an investment banker, unsure of what would come next. Nicola took the leap from a high-powered corporate career into the unknown. She found the courage to question where her work life was taking her, and looked at ways that she could feel more fulfilled. Rather than transition into a new job straight away, she decided to take her time. She became an adventure swim guide with SwimTrek for five months in Europe and has now returned to Sydney to explore other career avenues.

In today’s episode, we cover a range of topics including dealing with the loss of prestige, coping with the negative effects of job stress and anxiety, what to do when you hate your job but you don’t know your passion, and how to identify with your true self (without the job title).

This episode is perfect for anyone struggling with career anxiety and stress, and giving yourself permission to explore different career paths without fear.


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