Ways to keep your employees happy, productive and engaged 1

Ways to keep your employees happy, productive and engaged

Here at Rise we’re passionate about happiness and finding meaning in your work. We love what we do and enjoy who we’re working with. So, it’s no surprise we benefit from this, and ultimately, so does everyone around us.

When Ross decided to expand the business beyond just a one-man-show, he was very conscious of making sure that he regularly ‘checked-in’ with his people. We call these check-ins, “Happiness Chats.” They take place once a month with each employee, and can be as long or as short as needed. They’re not a formal feedback session, but can be if required.

Happiness Chats are an open forum where we can talk about things that are important to us. More often than not, questions or work related issues are addressed and resolved in an amicable atmosphere, but most of the time it’s just a, “Yeah I’m happy. I’m a 9/10 this month”, or even just a simple high-five.

It doesn’t make a difference how big or small a company is, but it matters how employees are treated. Formal feedback meetings to tick-off a box on your ‘to do’ list won’t help with achieving goals, employee engagement or productivity. If employees experience genuine interest about who they are, their struggles and concerns, and can find an open ear to discuss their thoughts and ideas, then chances are your business is on the right track for your employees being happy.

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