Finding meaning from a side-hustle 1

Finding meaning from a side-hustle

It’s hard to believe a couple of years have passed since I wrote, ‘achieving work-life balance after becoming a mum’ and how much my life has evolved since then. My son is now four and I’m working four-days per week as Head of Marketing. Maybe four is my lucky number? I try my best each day to manage everything, to have a balanced life, but it’s still a challenge.

The company I work for, Rise Consulting, has a mission to help make work awesome for everyone. By finding meaning and working on the things that matter to you most, you’ll be happier, and the positive affects flow into all areas of life. I enjoy my job, but it got me thinking…. How can I do more of what I love?

I dance every Friday, it’s my passion. I experience absolute joy from doing it.  A couple of years ago when I was going through a very hard time personally, I literally danced danced danced. It was my focus and it helped me become myself again. You could literally say I danced my way to happiness. Kelly McGonical, Ph.D, Health Psychologist and TED talker says, “people have no idea of the healing qualities exercise has for the brain and psychology. It’s the best medicine.”

It’s unrealistic to think that the job you work in day-in-day-out can give you everything, that is, will keep you continually fulfilled. More and more people are looking at side-hustles. Not only is it another way to make some extra cash, but it can also be an opportunity to engage in a passion or pet project that matters to you. 

Late last year (2018), I decided to sign-up and become a dance teacher. More specifically, a Les Mills BodyJam instructor. I loved participating so much, I thought, how can I immerse myself more into it, and how can I impact others to experience the way I feel when I dance? I also did it for the pure challenge, to stretch myself. It’s one thing to participate, but completely another to teach. Could I even do it?

I wasn’t sure how I’d possibly juggle everything; work, study, dance practice, the BodyJam mentorship program and being a full-time mum. Sometimes I think I’m totally crazy to take on a commitment like this, but when that happens I just tell myself; what’s the worst thing that can happen? Don’t overthink it, just try and you’ll get there in the end.

It has been several months since I started my Cert 3 in Fitness and sometimes I find it really hard to manage it all, especially to get the motivation to study and do assignments. Some weeks life gets busy and I don’t get the chance to do anything, or I’m absolutely exhausted from the day and the thought of picking up text books or learning new dance choreography after I put my son to bed makes me want to cry, but other weeks I’m kicking goals and getting through it all.

I’ve also just began my eight-week mentorship program where I have to teach classes twice per week; it’s both exciting and daunting at the same time. The first time I stood on the stage at Fitness First and led a class was so nerve-racking. Though the feeling of achievement when I saw participants smiling, clapping and getting into it made all the hard work worthwhile. Overcoming the challenge and sharing dance with others is the thing that keeps me going. 

“When people move, breathe, smile and connect to the joy of their bodies and music, there’s nothing better,” says McGonical, and I couldn’t agree with her more. Though it’s not going to be dancing for everybody. Whatever connects you to the thing that makes you smile and brings you joy, try it. It could even turn into a side-hustle. 

Author: Kristie Taylor


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